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About Us About Us


Trade Winds Junction Incorporated has adorned the elite and the discerning since 2009.

Trade Winds Junction is the quintessence of our founder's international background and experiences. She was reared in the "trade winds" off of the Indian Ocean, and has been designing jewelry since 1990. Our goal is to share the exquisite and the exotic of the far off which she has experienced and exudes.

Imagine, if you will, a dhow (traditional trading sailboat) has brought you to us where you will find the best from the four winds. To bring you this precious jewelry we have followed the crossroads of the spice and silk trade routes adorned in their colorful cultures, languages and religions to bring you timeless magic. By combining the ethnic with the elegance of classic presentation, Trade Winds Junction offers you the treasures of the old world in contemporary design and usability. We proffer the highest in customer service and stand by our authenticity and satisfaction guarantees.


Trade Winds Junction Incorporated's goal is to adorn you with the finest. We are  dedicated to the highest level of design and product manufacture. In keeping with the spirit of treasuring the old or antique, our jewelry is transformed into timeless elegance from the recycled and reused. Ordinarily, it is called antiquities trading, but we call it environmentally and socially conscious, artifact reallocation.


Currently, all of Trade Winds Junction's paper and packing is recycled. We promote the environmentally and socially responsible management of the world's resources.

Mali Whorls with Antique Silver