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Product RARE, Greens, Hebron (Kano) trade beads
RARE, Greens, Hebron (Kano) trade beads
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RARE, Greens, Hebron (Kano) trade beads (largest: 24mm X 16mm), 19.5 inches long. Hebron beads are known to have been made from the 12th Century to around the 1880s in Hebron, near Jerusalem, using Dead Sea salts as their alkali. The most common color is a dull yellow ocher, but the shades of blues and greens are much more uncommon. Black with colored specks is rarer still. As you will note, one of the central beads is black with colored specks in it. The beads are highly collectible. The overall condition of these beads is good. These beads have been traded across at least three continents and graced many owners; their patina attests to their age and use and includes small chips, pitting and corrosion. You may learn more about these beads by reading Beads of the World by Francis. Finally, these beads have been strung together using a laborious and intricate macramé technique.

To have survived to the present, these beads have been cherished by their previous owners. To best care for this necklace, it is recommended that you store it flat and separate from other jewelry to reduce the chance of damage to your beads. We hope you enjoy and treasure your necklace as much as its previous owners have!