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Product Replica Akoso-Bodom central beads, yellow Venetian trade beads and Heishi bead necklace
Replica Akoso-Bodom central beads, yellow Venetian trade beads and Heishi bead necklace
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Three large yellow, Akoso-Bodom central bead copies (38mm X 30mm), (29mm X 23mm), and (34mm X 25mm), RARE, tabular, yellow, Venetian trade beads (119mm X 13mm) and coconut Heishi beads (18mm X 4mm), make up this exquisite 18.5" long necklace.

Bodom or Akoso beads are old, wet-core, powdered glass beads from Africa with a veil of a mystery. Research on them continues today. The origins and method of manufacture are controversial as the technique has been lost. The larger and more sought after beads typically have a cruciform or criss-cross pattern with eyes as do these large beads. How the pattern was applied is another subject of much debate. In Africa, theses beads are held in high esteem and are usually only worn for ceremonies and special celebrations. They are often buried with the dead as they are said to have magical powers according to African folklore. Akoso beads are becoming rarer and rarer to find. For more information on these precious beads read the article called Bodom and Related Beads Investigating African powder-glass technology by Robert K. Liu, Peter M. Ahn and David Giberson published in Ornament Magazine's 25th Anniversary, Winter 2001 Edition.

The Venetian beads have been dated from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. They have been traded across at least three continents and graced many owners, their patina attests to their age and use and includes small chips, pitting and corrosion. Finally, these beads have been strung together using a laborious and intricate macrame technique.

To have survived to the present, these beads have been cherished by their previous owners. To best care for this necklace, it is recommended that you store it flat and separate from other jewelry to reduce the chance of damage to your beads. We hope you enjoy and treasure your necklace as much as its previous owners have!