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Product Beautiful, OLD, red, Skunk trade bead necklace
Beautiful, OLD, red, Skunk trade bead necklace
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Beautiful, OLD, red, Skunk trade bead (largest: 13mm X 13mm), 18.5 inch long necklace. Dotted lamp beads are "beads dotted with different colors, (commonly called skunks) produced in Venice since the early nineteenth century and widespread throughout the African continent and beyond. This is almost certainly the most common type of bead traded for decades in all possible varieties and colors." (Panini, 2007, p.289). Finally, these beads have been strung together using a laborious and intricate macrame technique.

To have survived to the present, these beads have been cherished by their previous owners. To best care for this necklace, it is recommended that you store it flat and separate from other jewelry to reduce the chance of damage to your beads. We hope you enjoy and treasure your necklace as much as its previous owners have!

Panini, A. (2007). Middle Eastern and Venetian Glass Beads Eigth to Twentieth Centuries. Milano: Skira.